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Growing in faith day by day

mins read | 03. septembre 2019 | Stefanie Bross


YOUCAT Daily is an ideal daily companion for those who are looking for more and want to grow in faith. The unique format consists of an ingenious trio: the gospel of the day, the appropriate YOUCAT (Youth Catechism) or DOCAT (Social Doctrine) question and a brief inspiration from the international community. It is available at any time online or as an app free of charge.

A powerful combination

The Bible and catechism simply belong together, because Scripture and tradition are the pillars of our faith, as the YOUCAT Foundation is convinced. Thus came the idea of linking the Gospel of the Day with the Youth Catechism and the Social Doctrine. The result is the YOUCAT Daily.

The Daily consists of a question of YOUCAT or DOCAT, fitting to the Gospel of the Day. At the end there is a short inspiration from the international community or a short impulse from a saint. On Sundays the inspiration is replaced by a challenge, which has to be fulfilled in the coming week. Within 3 years, dedicated readers have studied the most important passages from the catechism and the social doctrine without realizing it. All this in less than 5 minutes a day.

YOUCAT Daily to go

The new format can be read on the YOUCAT homepage as well as downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. In order not to miss the daily input, users can easily set their own reminder message at the desired time. Extremely practical and motivating is the feature to see your own reading progress recorded, because the app tracks it automatically. So if you don’t get enough of the daily and read regularly, you will be rewarded with small badges in the app.

Thoughts and questions about the impulses in the social networks can be shared under the hash tag #YOUCATinspiration. All contributions to it appear then in the lowest element of the App.

YOUCAT Daily is now available in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.