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Little Philosophers – Big Questions

mins read | 22. August 2018 | Stefanie Bross

New children's catechism

DUBLIN – On Wednesday 22 August, the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn presented the new children’s catechism of the Catholic Church YOUCAT for Kids to the world press and participants of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin. “It is a great moment for the Church. It is a very special moment for myself as well,” Schönborn emphasized, remembering the origins of its great ancestor, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in which he himself was involved, and the youth catechism YOUCAT. The genius thing about YOUCAT for Kids is that it was not written exclusively for children, but also for their parents. Likewise, Irish Bishop Brendan Leahy, President of the Catechesis Council of the Irish Bishops’ Conference, is convinced: “YOUCAT for Kids is a book for everyone, for we are all children of God. Co-author Michaela von Heereman spoke about the unique story behind “YOUCAT for Kids” and how children and parents can make enriching experiences with the book and acquire real knowledge of faith. Children are little philosophers who like to ask challenging questions to which adults have to find answers. Bronagh Jemfrey and her son Daire from Belfast in Northern Ireland thanked the YOUCAT Foundation team and the authors for their work. As a mother, Jemfrey had been waiting a long time for such a book and could barely wait to read it together with her family. Finally, Wendy Grace, who moderated the event in a very entertaining way, caught the positive voices from the audience. Enthusiasm was also felt among the families who had received YOUCAT for Kids a few hours earlier as a gift from the Holy Father.

YOUCAT for Kids English

YOUCAT for Kids – Catholic Catechism for Children and Parents. With a foreword by Pope Francis, Authors: P. Martin Barta, Michaela von Heereman, Bernhard Meuser, Michael Scharf, Clara Steber, Christoph Weiss, Size: 174 x 225 mm, Cover: Paperback, Selling price: 10.95 Pounds, 240 PP, ISBN: 978-1-78469-595-8, CTS books England

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