Living our Catechetical Vocation
Living our Catechetical Vocation
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Living our Catechetical Vocation

mins read | 28. February 2023 | Kike Delgado

Living our Catechetical Vocation

We are called to a beautiful vocation and we want to revive it. Let’s walk together on the path of faith of the Catholic Church as mediators in the encounter with God.

Last January, we met for a week at the headquarters of Aid to the Church in Need in Königstein with missionaries and friends of the YOUCAT Foundation from different countries such as India, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Zambia, Mexico and Germany. We were fulfilled with hope and excitement of starting a new chapter for our mission in the world.

During our meeting, we listened to the pastoral experiences of the different countries represented. We deepened the model of Dialogical Catechesis with inspiration and discussion around the experiences from YOUCAT India and YOUCAT Germany. It was truly meaningful and enlightening to listen to diverse voices, proposals aimed towards the pursuit of truth, dialogue and communion. It was an opportunity to continue growing in this authentic synodal journey that invites us to go on pilgrimage together, to discern, to face challenges, and to seek new horizons to continue proposing Jesus’ project of love and salvation.

It strengthens our Catechetical Vocation and inspires us to continue working on new projects to consolidate our missionary network.

Open to the grace of newness.

In the changing context in which we live in our church and society, it is important for us to be attentive to the signs of the Holy Spirit. We get to know that we are entering into a new time for YOUCAT. One of the most important changes that configure this reality is the arrival of our new director, Dr. Theresia Theuke, whom we welcomed with great joy and hope. She worked at STIFTUNG JA ZUM LEBEN as Communication Officer (2019- 2020), then as Head of Strategy and Communication (2020-2021) and Managing Director (2021- 2022), studied History, French, Catholic Theology and Education at the RWTH Aachen University (2007-2013) and received a PhD from the Department of Modern History at the University of Mainz (2014-2018).

In her welcome message she addressed our team:

“I’m looking forward to continuing a great success story together with the globally active YOUCAT network and friends. Strategically and in a well structured way we will increase the potential of YOUCAT together and give millions of young people what they need for a fulfilling life – the Gospel and the treasures of the Catholic Church.”

We are grateful for the gifts of change, newness and hope, which are evident to us. We are witnesses of God’s faithfulness and his call to ushare it with our entire community of readers, users and friends.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this project rooted in the heart of God, your prayers, messages, and support make our desire to love and serve greater.

New wine, new wineskins (Matthew 9:14-17).

May we remain docile to the Holy Spirit so that we can build the kingdom by faithfully and creatively transmitting the faith.