Nouvelles Missionary Network – The First Missionary Journey in the World


Missionary Network – The First Missionary Journey in the World

mins read | 16. juin 2023 | Bernhard Meuser

Le oui de Marie a changé le monde

Pope Francis has conferred an inspiring passage of the scripture on World Youth Day 2023: “Mary arose and went with haste” (Luke 1:39). It describes the origin of the greatest story on earth – the story of Jesus. It kicks off in the far reaches of the world, in an obscure village. Starting things off is a girl, perhaps 14 years old, who unexpectedly becomes pregnant. It is not a mishap in love, but love itself – it is God choosing someone who most likely can’t even read and write. Out of millions of possible starting points, he chooses Mary from Nazareth to set something in motion that affects everyone: You and me, the great and the small, the poor and the rich, the famous and the forgotten.

Au début, on a l'impression que Marie ne fait que ce que font toutes les femmes lorsqu'elles portent un enfant dans leur ventre. Elle cherche la solidarité des autres femmes, la joie de sa meilleure amie. C'était sans doute aussi le cas de Marie. Mais peut-être qu'au cours de la longue marche à travers les montagnes de Galilée, quelque chose de cet inconcevable, de ce divin, s'est révélé à elle pas à pas, donnant à sa vie une toute autre tournure. Qu'il lui est arrivé quelque chose qui dépasse toute pensée humaine. Dieu dans le ventre ? Oui, il faut le dire de manière aussi crue.

Plus tard, on dira que Marie a entrepris le premier voyage missionnaire du monde. Car qu'est-ce que la mission, si tu laisses de côté tout ce qui n'est pas important ? La mission, c'est porter Jésus à une ou plusieurs autres personnes. Être porteur de Jésus. L'Église n'a pas toujours compris cela assez clairement. Parfois, on pensait que la mission devait apporter la civilisation aux gens. Ou l'éducation. Ou la culture. Ou les bonnes manières. Mais l'Église n'est pas une ONG. Elle n'a que Jésus dans son portefeuille. Et avec lui, tout.

Le premier voyage missionnaire du monde

In Germany, there is a beautiful old Christmas carol that people sing during Advent: “Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging” (“Mary walks amid the thorns”). This is made up, of course. No one knows if Mary really had to go through thorn bushes as she made her way through the hill country of Judea. But the image it wants to convey is that Mary certainly had to contend with other thorny things: bullying, mistrust, malicious gossip. And dare I say: this happens to everyone who is a missionary disciple, a bearer of Jesus, today. People will point fingers at you, think you’re a religious nut or a sanctimonious person. You will go through thorns, but you will know what you have had in you since your baptism and confirmation – the same as Mary: the LORD is in you. In the Second Epistle to the Corinthians, Paul poses the test question to the new Christians in one of the hottest metropolises of the world at that time: “Do you not experience in yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you?” (2 Cor. 13:5) Have you ever experienced that Jesus dwells in you, that he has, in a sense, made himself at home in you? That he has room in your life, your plans, your goals, your capacity to love. Is he already part of your identity? You are with him? How much depth opens up in your soul!

Et ta vocation?

In the Missionary Network you will meet people who – just like you – have been touched by Jesus. Just like you, they want to go out into the world and share their experience. They want to attracted people for Jesus. As YOUCAT Foundation we would like to support you in this.

YOUCAT is the best-known youth brand of the Catholic Church. The name stands for a young missionary awakening of the Church – an awakening that begins with putting Jesus in the center and discovering catechesis in a whole new way. It is clear that those who don’t know the faith cannot transmit it; those who do not understand the Church cannot love her.

In many countries, the work with YOUCAT, DOCAT, YOUCAT for Kids (and many other materials) has borne fascinating fruit. Committed priests, charismatic leaders and enthusiastic young people have started a learning movement of faith, which we will now connect worldwide in the Missionary Network.

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