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minutos de leitura | 06. Dezembro 2018 | Stefanie Bross


Since December 2nd the YOUCAT Daily is finally available. To coincide with the New Year of the Church there is a new free product on the YOUCAT website. Bible and catechism belong inseparably together, because scripture and tradition are the pillars of our faith, the YOUCAT Foundation is convinced of that. Thus also the idea came to connect the daily gospel with the youth catechism and the social doctrine. The result is the YOUCAT Daily. According to the principle of participation, which is in the foreground in all projects, the Daily was also developed together with an international team and tested by users.

Within 3 years, dedicated readers have studied the most important passages from the catechism and the social teachings. And all this in less than 5 minutes per day. The Daily is composed of a question of YOUCAT or DOCAT, matching the Gospel of the Day. Unique are the impulses, the input from the international community, which make the Daily a great companion and source of inspiration. However, the Daily will also be available as an app on 15 December and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Who would like to share thoughts and questions in the social networks may use the Hashtag #YOUCATinspiration.